What Will Happen When Jesus Returns?

When Jesus returns, it will be a momentous event for believers around the world. According to biblical teachings, Jesus will come back personally and literally, descending from heaven onto the Mount of Olives. This incredible moment will be marked by the gathering of nations and the final battle at Armageddon.

Key Events and Implications
Key Events and Implications

For many of us who hold onto the promise of His return, this event symbolizes hope and the ultimate victory of good over evil. The righteous will be rewarded, and the wicked will face judgment, highlighting the importance of living a holy life. Our faith assures us that His return will bring about the culmination of God’s plan for humanity, as described in the Bible’s prophecies.

As we explore the details of the second coming, we need to understand that this event is not just about future predictions but also about how we prepare our hearts and lives now. By studying the signs and implications of Christ’s return, we can deepen our faith and ensure we are ready for His glorious arrival.

The Signs of Jesus’ Return

We can find many signs in both prophetic scripture and the world around us that point to the return of Jesus. Understanding these signs can help us recognize the timing and importance of this major event.

Prophetic Scripture

The Bible provides numerous signs of Jesus’ return. In Matthew 24, Jesus speaks about false prophets, wars, famines, earthquakes, and lawlessness as indicators. Revelation describes the Beast, the Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation as significant markers. Additionally, mentions of resurrections and judgments in the books of Thessalonians and Corinthians highlight key events leading up to Jesus’ second coming.

These prophecies emphasize the importance of remaining vigilant and ready. By studying scripture, we gain insight into the sequence of these prophetic signs, helping us comprehend the scope of what is foretold to come.

Signs in the Heavens

The heavens also play a crucial role in signaling Jesus’ return. According to Revelation, there will be dramatic disturbances in the sky. The sun will darken, the moon will turn to blood, and stars will fall to the earth. These celestial events serve as direct warnings of major changes and divine intervention.

Matthew 24:30 mentions the “sign of the Son of Man” appearing in the sky, visible to all nations. These signs remind us that the heavens are intertwined with God’s plans, marking pivotal moments in the journey toward Jesus’ return.

World Events

Current world events also reflect the signs of Jesus’ return. Increased natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and famines, align with biblical predictions. Wars and conflicts among nations further indicate the turbulent times described in scripture.

Moreover, the rise of false prophets and widespread lawlessness matches the signs mentioned in the Bible, suggesting that the world is moving towards the prophesied end times. By observing these global changes, we can see how they align with the events forecasted in prophetic scripture, reinforcing our awareness of the nearness of Jesus’ return.

The Event of the Second Coming

what will happen when jesus returns
The Event of the Second Coming

When Jesus returns, He will descend from heaven with power and great glory, and believers, both the living and the resurrected dead, will be gathered to Him. These events will unfold in a spectacular manner, deeply affecting all who witness them.

Jesus’ Descent from Heaven

In the Second Coming, Jesus will descend from heaven. We know from 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that He will come down with a shout and the voice of an archangel. This dramatic event will be visibly astounding, as Jesus will arrive on clouds, displaying His power and great glory. This event will be witnessed by all.

His return will be personal and visible, fulfilling promises made in Acts 1:11. This context means that His coming will not be a secret but a powerful sign visible to everyone. Our anticipation of this event is not merely symbolic but a core part of Christian belief. It’s a moment of profound importance where history meets divine intervention.

Gathering of Believers

When Jesus returns, there will be a gathering of believers. According to 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, believers who have died will rise first. Then, those of us still alive will be “caught up together with them in the clouds.” This gathering, often called the rapture, will unite all believers with Jesus.

This event signifies a moment of great joy and hope for believers. The dead in Christ will be resurrected, and the living believers will be transformed. This transformation will allow us to meet the Lord in the air, joining Him and the resurrected saints.

Thus, the Second Coming is not only about Jesus’ descent but also about uniting His followers, both dead and alive, in a heavenly gathering. This event is a cornerstone of Christian eschatology, emphasizing hope, resurrection, and eternal unity with Christ.

The Tribulation and Resurrection

The Tribulation and Resurrection
The Tribulation and Resurrection

When Jesus returns, it will mark the end of the Tribulation period, the resurrection of the saints, and the final judgment. Both believers and non-believers will face differing outcomes based on their faith and actions during their lives.

Tribulation Period

The Tribulation is a time of great suffering and upheaval before Jesus’ return. During this period, the Antichrist will rise to power and persecute believers. There will be natural disasters, wars, and widespread chaos. Satan will deceive many, leading to widespread apostasy. According to Zechariah 14:2, nations will gather to fight against Jerusalem, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. Only with Jesus’ return will this period of intense suffering end, as He will defeat the forces of evil and establish His reign.

Resurrected Saints

When Jesus comes back, those who have died in faith will be resurrected. These resurrected saints will receive transformed, immortal bodies, as explained in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. This event is distinct from the rapture, as it occurs at the end of the Tribulation. We believe that the resurrected body will be the same as our current body but made perfect and imperishable. This resurrection represents the fulfillment of God’s promise of eternal life to believers.


Following the resurrection, the final judgment will take place. This is a crucial event where each person’s life is reviewed. Believers, with their names written in the Book of Life, will enter eternal joy with God. Non-believers, however, will be judged based on their deeds and face the second death. Revelation 20:11-15 describes this judgment and the ultimate fate of the wicked, who will be thrown into the lake of fire. This judgment is fair and just, reflecting God’s holiness.

Criteria and Implications for Believers and Non-Believers

The criteria for judgment will be based on one’s faith in Jesus and their deeds. Believers who have accepted Christ and lived according to His teachings will inherit eternal life. Their faith in Jesus secures their place in heaven. Non-believers and those who rejected Jesus will face eternal separation from God. Their judgment will reflect their actions and disbelief, leading to eternal punishment in the lake of fire. Understanding these criteria is vital, as it underscores the importance of faith and righteous living in the eyes of God.

The Kingdom of God on Earth

what will happen when jesus returns
The Kingdom of God on Earth

When Jesus Christ returns, He will establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, bringing about His reign and transforming creation.

Millennial Reign

The millennial reign refers to the 1,000-year period when Jesus Christ rules over the Earth. During this time, He will establish peace and justice. The Kingdom of God will be characterized by righteousness and the faithful will receive their rewards. This era will see Jesus as the supreme leader, and His reign will be marked by unprecedented harmony among nations.

Jerusalem will be the center of His rule, and people from all over the world will come to worship Him. All forms of evil will be restrained, as Satan will be bound for these thousand years. The faithful disciples of Christ will assist in governing, promoting morality and justice.

New Heaven and New Earth

After the millennium, the present heaven and earth will be renewed. This transformation will bring about a New Heaven and New Earth where sin, suffering, and death no longer exist. It’s a significant change where the faithful experience eternal life in God’s presence.

In this new creation, God’s people will live in a state of complete peace and joy. The New Jerusalem, which descends from heaven, will be the dwelling place of God among humans, signifying the fulfillment of His promises. This period signifies the ultimate realization of God’s plan for creation, where He dwells with His people forever.

Preparing for Christ’s Return

Preparing for Christ's Return
Preparing for Christ’s Return

To be ready for Christ’s return, we should focus on personal faith and acts of love. The church’s role involves collective worship, community preparation, and spreading the message of salvation.

Personal Readiness

Preparing personally for Christ’s return involves strengthening our faith and living a life that aligns with His teachings. We should pray regularly and stay rooted in Scripture. Acts of love and kindness towards others reflect our commitment to His commands.

Watching for signs of His return, as mentioned in the Bible, ensures we stay vigilant. Jesus highlighted the importance of being prepared, knowing we do not know the exact time of His return.

Faith provides the foundation to live sensibly and righteously. Paul reminded Titus that our faith compels us to live “godly lives” (Titus 2:11-13). By staying committed to prayer, love, and acts of kindness, we strengthen our readiness for His return.

Role of the Church

The church plays a crucial role in preparing for Christ’s return. It acts as a community hub where believers can encourage one another and keep their hope alive. Regular worship services and Bible study groups help maintain our focus on faith and love.

The church also has a duty to spread the message of salvation and prepare the world for His coming. According to the Billy Graham Library, the church must watch for signs and guide its members in understanding these events.

Additionally, the church should engage in acts of service and charity, embodying Christ’s teachings. This shared effort helps ensure that the community remains ready and vigilant, promoting unity and purpose among believers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address key points regarding the return of Jesus, such as the Biblical signs, descriptions in the Book of Revelation, the significance of Judgment Day, the proposed timeline, and Jesus’ role upon His return.

What are the Biblical signs of the Second Coming of Christ?

The Bible lists several signs that indicate the Second Coming of Christ. These include false prophets, wars, earthquakes, famines, persecution, and an increase in wickedness. For more details, see Christian Bible Reference.

How does the Book of Revelation describe the return of Jesus Christ?

Revelation describes Jesus returning ready for war, with vivid imagery of Him on a white horse with armies of heaven following Him. His return marks the great battle against the forces opposing God. For deeper insight, visit GotQuestions.

What is the significance of Judgment Day in Christian eschatology?

Judgment Day, also known as the Day of the Lord, is when all people will be judged by God. Believers receive eternal life, while non-believers face eternal separation from God. It is a central event in Christian eschatology symbolizing divine justice and mercy.

Is there a proposed timeline for when the Second Coming is expected to occur according to scripture?

Scripture does not provide a specific timeline for when the Second Coming will occur. Instead, it indicates that certain events must happen first, like the preaching of the Gospel to all nations. Given this, we cannot predict the exact time.

What role will Jesus play upon His return according to Christian belief?

Upon His return, Jesus will establish His kingdom, defeat evil, and judge all humanity. His role includes reigning as the King of Kings, bringing peace and justice, and fulfilling God’s plan for redemption and restoration of the world.

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